7 Common Misconceptions about Buy Office Space in Noida

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With almost unlimited amount of instructive information available under our finger tips, there will never be a better time to learn about investing in commercial property. Lamentably, with all the useful resources, there is a lot of misguiding or misconceptions to go along for the readers. The real estate industry can be awfully complicated, and not everyone who posts information or blogs about the same has taken the time to research and provide precise information. Even today, there is buy office space in Noida misconceptions that many property investors believe to be true and stay away from one of the most profitable investing industry.

Here’s a look at nine of the most commonoffice space or commercial property investing myths prevailing in our society –

1) All vacancies are advertised — when exploring the commercial space listings near you, you might assume that the list you are getting include all the available commercial properties for sale. However, most of the times this is not the case. In reality, the property menu offered to general public on such portals are part of the big menu.

2) It is too costly to invest in commercial properties — Generally it is believed that you have to be a millionaire (with access to huge money) or a real estate guru (with access to industry-inside information) to become a successful commercial real estate investor. While it is both true and false, there are many amendments in the real estate industry that is fetching investors from all classes of people. With REITs playing their role, the investor needs only 2 lakhs to enter the investor’s league.

3) One should always start with residential investing — Think logically, it seems as if this misconception is in air because the big tycoons of commercial investing want to keep the commercial real estate to themselves. There is no prerequisite that you should have a residential property investment before you start with your commercial portfolio.

4) Investing in commercial spaces is riskier than other property investments — We all take risks in our daily life (when we cross the road, it is a risk) and this implies to all types of investing scheme and investment to commercial real estate industry is no different, however that does not mean that you have to tuck your tail. Just do your homework, get all details, clear all doubts and you will end up investing in a property that is a healthy balance of high profits and low risk.

5) It’s time-consuming — When you are putting your hard-earned money in to something, you need to be doubly triply sure and this requires time and efforts. Besides, you are an investor, you can’t fix every little thing, you need reliable sources — a management company and a commercial listing agent or one way to end up saving on time is, search for a good project in your area and invest. Investing in such property means — no due diligence required and no after-tensions of finding the best tenants for the property.

6) Market rate is the ultimate property price — This is the biggest misconception of the real estate industry. Potential investors while exploring the listings, see the price tags and move forward because of the big numbers. The loose end here is — the price mentioned on the listings is what the seller is asking and it is always negotiable.

7) Only real estate agents can dig up good commercial properties for you — Though it becomes easy to find properties when you follow a good real estate agent; however, if you think that is the only way of reaching your dream commercial space, then you are mistaken. The big brands advertise their current and upcoming projects through various means — and the cheapest of all is the newspaper. Just keep tab on good projects, visit them in person and you will find a great property without any middle man.

Looking for an opportunity to buy office space in Noida?

With so many misconceptions out there to throw light on, it is important that as an investor you search for an amazing project before you dive into the commercial space investing. And for limiting your hard work, we have the same kind of project for you — Anthurium. A business park of its kind is available for investment in sector-73, Noida. With Artificial intelligence (AI) ready office spaces, mechanical car parking, yoga rejuvenation center, gymnasium, shopping center, sky lounge roof top restaurant and quick connectivity from all the major transport systems, the project is nothing less than a dream project for its investors.

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