9 Major Aspects to Consider Before Buying Commercial Office Space in Noida

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Commercial real estate business is at its boom. Everywhere along with that of residential real estate business the other one which is turning to be more prospective these days is the commercial real estate business only. The government is also providing a lot of support for the same by means of different types of policies and principles. We all know in terms of returns also commercial properties are much more promising than that of the private properties. The competition is comparatively less and the future values are also soaring high.However, before investing for commercial properties certain major aspects are to be considered thoroughly for buying office space in Noida. Therefore, I have tried to discuss these aspects in this article for the benefit of the customers and clients at length and large. These are as follows:

1. Purchasing a Property can be Tax Saving:

As business owners, writing off expenses and depreciation as one’s property increases in value over time is a huge benefit. However, unlike renting, the money one uses to purchase his facility is not deductible, but the person is allowed to recover this over time through yearly depreciation deductions.

2. Paying for Something One Actually Owns:

When one buysone’s own commercial property, the person is paying the mortgage for a property that one actually owns. Unlike when the person is renting, the person is paying the lease but the property will never be his. Obviously, it’s better to pay for something that will eventually be one’s own.

3. Keeps the Costs Fixed:

Buying a property instead of renting is a great way to keep one’s costs fixed. Many businesses will hold a long-term lease of 10 to 15 years on their building, but at the mercy of their landlord as to the terms of their next lease. Usually, the lease will also increase after a few years, and this increase in cost is something that one cannot control — unless one owns the property.

4. Building Equity in the Property:

One of the main advantages of purchasing real estate for a small business is that one can build equity in a property which one can later leverage for expansion. If one has equity in real estate, it is easier for the business to get loans, which one will eventually need as one grows.

5. Designing the Property as One Pleases:

One of the major advantages of buying a property for business is that onecan have full control over the property. It is up-to the person to decide what needs to be done in terms of designing the property according to one’s business’s requirements and won’t need the landlord’s approval for this.

6. Leasingout a Portion of the Property & Earn Rental Income:

If one knowsthat he will remain in the location, purchasing the property can be a good investment. This is particularly beneficial if one will not need the entire building because one can lease out a portion, earning rental income. One can also use the income from the rent to help pay the mortgage.

7. Advantage of Cost Segregation Depreciation:

One benefit of owning a property as a small business owner is that one may be able to take advantage of a tax strategy called “cost segregation depreciation.” If the person has bought or constructed a property and paid a lot of money within the last 15 years, the company could benefit from the tax savings generated through a cost segregation study.

8. Property Ownership is a Long-Term Investment:

Owning a property is a long-term investment, while renting is a short-term fix. If one has a solid capital and the long-term plans for the business involve using the same commercial property, then buying is the better option. Buying one’s own property is a long-term investment which will pay for itself in time.

9. Location Without a Must-Move Clause:

It is very much understandable that if one buys own property, it will have a more secure and permanent place for business that can never be leased out from under that person with a must-move clause. This removes any worry one may have about where to move to next every time the term of the lease ends.

Keeping the above-mentioned aspects in mind one can happily invest in one of such upcoming commercial projects in Sector-73, Noida. Anthurium is a commercial property that can aid investors and buyers to avail maximum benefits from their property. Anthurium is the new commercial project,offering office spaces to be bought in Noida with smart digital and virtual offices for businesses. The place is situated at the most convenient location for employees and companies. Anthurium offers equipped offices allowing business owners to get maximum benefits from their investment.

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