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If you are planning to invest in commercial space in Noida, Anthurium is one of the most sought after destination; as the developers say it, “Zabardast location, digital destination.” Over the last few years, Sundream Group has seen tremendous growth in the list of investors while it has been working on projects which are attracting the investors for long time investment. Sundream Group is just not known for the products that they manufacture but also the residential, commercial office space, and IT projects that they offer. Caladium was the first successful project of Sundream group that offered residential apartments keeping in mind, the state of art convenience and comfort, located in sector 109 Gurgaon. It also starkly distinguishes itself from the rest by an intelligent and futuristic layout. Then came the I-thum, the next project of the group that offers commercial office spaces in Noida in a 5 Acre plot and enjoys an additional 5-acre campus of the The Corenthum, which houses leading Banks of the world. Situated right next to NH –24, it is abutted by a 30-meter arterial road, 5-minuteswalking distancefrom the proposed Metro station of Sector 62 Noida. The third project of the Sundream group is again a big hit which helps you to execute your ideas to launch your business at a fantastic new world of high tech and a high concept commercial space. The project has brought hopes to everyone in search of digitally advanced commercial space.


They have built commercial space for the next generation and at par with the digital India campaign. A synonym of digitisation, Anthurium Business Park is known for its luxurious cum world-class infrastructure, enabling virtual office spaces. The business park is equipped with the latest technology, housing AI-ready infrastructure to support the needs of the next-generation workforce. But after in-depth research and study of next-gen’s requisites at an office space, Anthurium Business Park is an exclusive AI-ready office space, nestled at just 2 minutes from the Sector 52, Noida Metro station. These smart offices can be customised as per everyone’s need and style, be it a BPO, KPO, or an MNC. Ever heard of commercial retail space, that is generating the value of the asset. If no, then you have to visit Anthurium Business Park, a prospective opportunity for businesses and investors. Be it a high-end retail shop, cafe or a showroom for a renowned brand; Anthurium has a spacious solution for all. Summarising the various facilities it provides:

1. Digitally advanced commercial space.

2. Al-Ready office space

3. 12% assured returns

4. 9 years lease guarantee

5. Hi-tech security and safety

6. Two minutes from the metro

So it certainly has everything, you are searching for and the best commercial property in Noida. The way the appreciation of Anthurium is forecasted, you don’t need to worry about your return on investment at all. Basis the calculation in new business terms, a 1000 sq. ft. space, when completely accommodated, will recover its cost within 3.5 years., Often, we look at an investment with direct returns, with Anthurium, not only you get the direct returns, but also, can capitalise on the indirect returns, like better employee retention, ease of accessibility, economical workforce availability, etc.

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