Discover the Top 12 Secrets of Successful Ownership of Best Commercial Property in Noida

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We will not beat around the bushes, let’s get to the point. Here in this article we will be discussing top secrets following which you can earn a successful ownership of the best commercial property in Noida or any part of the world.

Let’s get started

1) What is your preferred commercial property?

There are various types of commercial property available for you to invest, like –

a) Office space

b) Retail space

c) Co-working space

d) Commercial condo

e) Warehouse facilities

f) Restaurant

g) Strip Mall

2) Build money with your money — Building equity is the primary target if not ultimate reason to purchase a commercial property. It is always better than keeping money in the bank because the returns you achieve from your commercial property is always more than what you get from bank.

3) Calculate the savings and the potential profits — Buying commercial property for one’s business should be considered as savings. Costs attached to real estate are the third biggest expense after taxes and payroll. Analyze the rent value and tax advantages to becoming an owner of a commercial property.

4) Brainstorming — It is important to research your options. The more you spend time understanding the property types, financing, mortgages, zoning, remodeling, etc.; the better position you will be in making wise decisions regarding the acquisition of a property. Understand current market conditions, tap expert resources, study the current vacancy rates, meet and research commercial realtors, get your doubts cleared by experienced commercial lenders.

5) Think through your time frame — If you are in a hurry, because your lease is ending; we suggest you to think twice before you ink down a paper that you might regret later on. Finding a right property, securing finance options and going through the final process of transferring property is a lengthy process and might take months.

6) Location — Location is one of the most important factors for any type of property. There are many things to consider -foot traffic, easy access, check out the competition, know your customer needs, etc.

7) Trouble free parking — It is maddening for not only customers but for owner himself to drive all over the place looking for a parking space. For a business owner to invest in a new space, it is important to judge the parking space first. This is extremely important if you have a high traffic business, a retail store or a restaurant.

8) Investigate the zoning laws of the area — Before you start with the purchase formalities or even the negotiation process, make sure you are well aware of the zoning laws, along with the information on what type of businesses are allowed there. Zoning can be tricky, so don’t assume, do your due diligence. Respect the zoning laws that include not only the type of business but also — water and air quality, parking, waste management, sign boards, appearance of the building, noise levels, etc.

9) Thorough inspection — As a layman, you don’t have that eye to inspect a property, hence hire a professional to examine the electrical systems, security systems, plumbing, phone and internet systems. There are building code requirements of the local government, make sure the property you are considering does not violate any of such codes.

10) Mapping out your budget plan — Careful planning is important for any deal, be it a business deal or property deal. Before you initiate the process of investing in a property, it is important to pen down your finances and comprehend how much loan amount you can afford.

11) Before you ink down the dotted line — Irrespective of the fact that real estate contracts are thicker than the phone directories, it is advantageous to have one with each and every detail documented on it. Make sure to have sufficient time to read, comprehend (hire a lawyer) and then sign.

12) Selecting the best developer — If you have done this part with utmost sincerity, more than half of the things listed above will be automatically sorted. So, choose the developer and the project wisely.

If you are looking for a best commercial property in Noida, then it is best to invest in project Anthurium. All things considered, it is the most talk about project in sector- 73, Noida; with amenities and property details par-excellence.

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