Renting the Just Right Executive Office For The Success of Your Business

If you’re looking to rent the perfect space for your executive office then this is probably an exciting, but challenging time. Choosing the right office space in Noida can be crucial to the success of your business for many reasons, but it is often a decision where your freedom of choice is restricted by financial constraints and availability. When looking at different properties it is easy to get carried away by somewhere with a lovely view, or an office right in the center of the district where everyone likes to eat lunch, but hasty decisions made emotionally can be ones that you regret later. Following these guidelines should help you to evaluate your options properly, and choose the executive office space that is right for you and your needs.

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1) Make a list of your priorities

Think about the things that you’re going to use your executive office for, and from this draw up a list of things your office must, should and could have. For example, if the space is going to be used for entertaining clients then the interior of the building is important and needs to be impressive. If you’re going to have frequent meetings with other business people then a central location might be a priority. If the office suite will double as training or meeting venue for medium to large groups, or meetings that will last all day then a space with natural light will be a priority. If your office won’t have catering facilities then access to quality local firms that can provide refreshments for your guests may be important for you. Depending on the type of operation the company will do there may be some legal requirements for your space including things like disabled access and fire escapes- make sure that you’ve done your homework on these before you go ahead and choose.

2) Armed with your priorities, draw up a list of suitable buildings in your target area. Ask around as well as looking at adverts for executive office space or using an estate agent, it may be that there is property newly on the market that hasn’t been advertised yet but is perfect for your needs. Visit as many properties as you can- that way you’ll get a good idea of what is available at what rate. After viewing, evaluate each property against your checklist, and draw up a shortlist.

3) Once you have your shortlist of suitable properties for your executive office you need to spend some time reviewing the terms and conditions of each space. If there is a chance that you’ll need to change your office within a couple of years then avoid getting into a rental contract that ties you in for a long period of time. However, if your business plan means that you’ll grow into a chain of executive offices rather than changing this one then signing a longer lease may give you some leverage when negotiating rentals.

To assist in the planning and preparation for efficient office space in Noida, several tips are listed below to help achieve this necessary goal of finding a good building to meet the necessary business needs.

1. Business Size — Determining the size of the actual operation of the company is directly proportional to the size of a commercial area that will be needed for any business. It is important to consider any future growth needs when choosing the best office space. There are commercial properties on the market that offer provisions for expansion when it is needed.

2. Location — The site of a business should be suitable for the company’s primary function. Customer requirements and the targeted market should also be taken into consideration when selecting the best locale. Three main things must be evaluated in the search process: accessibility, safety, and convenience for both clients and employees.

3. Parking Areas — Choose a physical location that has parking available that will support both employees and clients. Make sure the lease includes provisions for safety and security in the parking areas. Also, it would be great if the property has an advance parking system, which means no hassle and quick vehicle retrievals.

4. Security and Safety — Security and safety is an important aspect of a perfect office location. It is important to ensure that there are working fire sprinklers, fire alarms and reliable fire escapes in case of any emergency. Check the safety compliance record of the property to ensure the safety of employees and clients.

5. Supply and Record Storage — It is important to take into consideration the amount of storage needed for the entire business. Included in storage needs would be an allowance for the proper storage of garbage until the collection day. Determine if there is any on-site protected storage for valuable as well as all electronic back-up storage needs.

6. Equipment, Desks and Other Furniture — It is important to make a floor plan for the office to be sure that all furniture, desks and other equipment for employees is suitable for the planned area and easily accessible. For instance, copiers and fax machines should be in the same area for easy access; however, they also need to be close to adequate power outlets and phone cables.

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