Retail Space Planning with Effective Customer Flow Management

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One of the most important aspects of ensuring that your customers see the products you want to sell, is to maximize customer flow through layout, design and product placement in your retail space. This means you need to cause an instinctive flow. Customers must almost automatically and intuitively follow the path you laid out for them, while you get your products in front of them.

For the most part, customer flow will be driven by what you are selling, though also remember the rule of sales will apply.

In keeping with the developers of Anthurium, offering business driven retail space in Noida, “Customers will only buy what they can see (or desperately need), have time to think about, and have connected with”.

So, when designing the layout of your retail space with customer flow in mind, there are at least three things to consider:

1. Speed of movement

The speed at which your customer moves through your store will often directly impact the sales to that particular customer. If your business depends on shelf space to sell products, you should find ways to slow your customers down. Even if just for a second or two, with some directed choke points. That second or two might just be what you need to sell a particular product.

Also be sure to maximize your choke points product placement. Be sure to have products placed that will match the customer pause time and your need for selling that product.

And make sure to maximize your waiting areas. The queue at the cashier will often prove an extremely valuable choke point if used properly.

2. Direction of Movement

The direction of movement will often impact what the customer sees, which part of the shelf space he notices and what products he/she will notice. Make sure to angle your shelf space in such a way that it maximizes visibility of those things you want to be seen. If a particular corner is in the “shade”, find ways to highlight the corner, to even out the visibility balance.

Managing the direction of the flow will also make it possible to create an instinctive movement that extends the path (from a perspective of viewed products) through your store. Remember you want your customer to see what you are selling.

3. Distance of movement

The two aspects that will affect sales here are “distance measured in products viewed” and “levels of customer exhaustion”.

When pursuing a “maximum exposure to products viewed” approach, extending the journey as long as possible is probably a good idea. There is also some merit in having specific spots where the same products are viewed multiple times by the same customer (so they can think about it). However, more often than not flowing your customers past harder to sell products on their way to anchor products will increase sales.

And ofcourse, when your store sells mostly “want products”, making customers tired will increase the odds that you get the sale, and they do not go somewhere else.

In a nutshell, consider your store your canvass. Then keep them in your store and make them walk, and walk, and walk…

These three attributes of any retail place will make your business outshine your competitors. However, not everyone is blessed to have that caliber in designing, planning and managing items and customers alike and this is especially true when considering designing a retail store; you could be great at selling products and services but managing the outlook is completely a different expertise and needs to be done by experts for achieving fruitful results.

Hence, if you are looking for a retail space in Noida that is designed keeping all these elements of business in mind, we suggest you to visit and explore options with Anthurium. Anthurium is a premiere commercial building in the center of Noida. The project offers its investors with premium commercial office and retail spaces. The entire business park is equipped with 100% sprinkler coverage for total fire safety. The project is fully networked and equipped with available technologies, which means you will get best of every technology. For instance — the building provides a steady Internet connection with almost non-existent downtime. Anthurium Noida Sector 73 also boasts fiber optics on site. The project’s state of the art HVAC system provides optimal heating and cooling with utility costs surprisingly low, which is an added benefit for your business.

For more information on space options and options available with regard to services and amenities, feel free to explore the project details at

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