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Our world (both corporate and social) worktowards chasing efficiency. We, humans are always keen for new solutions that use less energy and sustainable resources, which are better for us and for the environment (thankfully, we have started thinking about our environment as well). The aim is to achieve these goals as fast as possible and with the best possible quality.

Let’s take for example a retail clothing store in a mall. Can efficiency be found in construction and building? Since the mall has already built the structure, it is a matter of transforming the inside of the retail space. Transforming the inside space and be a serious undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Most stores typically require a variety of facets including:

  • Retail displays
  • Partition walls
  • Sales counters
  • Dressing rooms
  • Storage rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Offices

The traditional way of doing things was to start by hiring a private contractor. The private contractor would source a host of materials and then bring them on- site to do the construction inside the store. This process can be quite timely and it generates a ton of onsite construction waste. Furthermore, getting all of these different facets would require a host of vendors.
Finding turnkey solutions for any undertaking is highly desirable. What if there was a method that could produce retail displays, dressing rooms and the back office? Modular construction offers all of these capabilities and so much more.

Building smarter with modular construction is not only better for the environment, but also has a much shorter build time. Instead of transporting in all the raw materials and building on- site, the major components are built off- site in a factory. This highly controlled process allows skilled craftsmen to build without weather delays, and they have all the necessary tools at their disposal. Once the walls, partitions, counters and other components are completed they are shipped to the retail store where they are assembled and installed.

What makes modular construction even more beneficial is the fact that items can be moved or rearranged. This gives retail stores lots of flexibility to change and customize their store without the need of a general contractor. Best of all, the installation process isn’t nearly as intrusive as traditional construction methods.

In conclusion, modular construction is a great turnkey solution for retail development. Modular construction can provide nearly everything you need to transform a vacant retail space into a thriving store with retail space. This includes retail displays, dressing rooms and partitions, as well as all the behind- the- scenes features like offices, desks and bathrooms.

About TheSundream Group
If you want to know which developer is today’s best retail space provider to invest in Noida and around, with best and most innovative construction and design usage, then we have just one name to shout-out-loud, The Sundream Group. The developer, who is a leader in delivering business parks in and around Noida, offer its investors with small, medium and luxury units. The Sundream Group has a lot many rationally priced options for its retail investors.

All the projects developed by The Sundream Group are critically thought of, market premeditated and planned projects with features par excellence. Some of the most acclaimed features of their projects include –

a) The Generation-Z business parks with a platinum rated green building to balance the environment in the structure.
AI ready office spaces
c) Sky Lounge with rooftop restaurants
d) Sauna bath, Jacuzzi, lounge area
e) Open gymnasium and yoga rejuvenation center
f) Food court
g) Eco-friendly terrain
h) Ample parking space
i) Smooth road connectivity

Those who have already invested with The Sundream Group are suggesting others to do the same, as the developer is the future of IT parks and investors who have passion for excellence must invest with them. Giving existing business owners and startup owners the offices equipped with basic to advanced infrastructure, The Sundream Group is conceptualizing and implementing technological upgrades like coworking, shared and virtual offices in Noida.

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