Top 10 Metro Contractors in India

The metro rail has become one of the most cost-efficient and convenient modes of traveling across the city. It does not only save time by reaching the destination in the fastest way but also provides comfort as there is lesser air and sound pollution you will face, with no traffic. Traveling by the metro also provides aid for people going in large numbers. In India, the subway is being operated across ten cities all over the country, which include Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, Gurugram, Kochi, Jaipur, and Lucknow.

The metro rail is aiming at developing its services daily. There are several other cities in India where the metro is upcoming or is under construction.

Top 10 metro contractors in India

1. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

● The Delhi Metro has helped passengers to travel from one destination to the other in the country’s capital city and designed the metro using the latest machinery.

● The metro provides excellent facilities like Air-conditioned and clean compartments.

● There is a separate section for the women as well, so provide more comfort to their traveling experience.

● They have completed eight whole projects of elevated stadiums at various stations such as Paschim Vihar, Lajpat Nagar, Moolchand, Surajmal, Udyog Nagar, and Kailash colony stadiums.

2. Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation

● This is the fastest metro across the country in the city of Nawabs.

● It operates on a red line stretch.

● Under this metro rail, there are 22 operational and 12 approved stations.

● This metro provides a lot of facilities like free drinking water, assistants for senior citizens, lifts, and escalators.

3. Rapid Metro Gurgaon

● This metro is the world’s first privately financed metro

● It provides an interchange with Delhi’s metro

● It is known to provide maximum comfort to its passengers such as including facilities like air-conditioned coaches

4. Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation

● Used to provide the fastest metro rail across the Pink city of India

● The first railway across India to operate on a triple-story elevated road

● This metro is a rapid transit

5. Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation

● This is the first metro that was established in India

● It carries more than 700,000 passengers daily

● This metro is the 6th largest operating railway metro service in India

● It is a rapid transit system with 43 vehicles in its corporation

6. Hyderabad metro rail corporation

● This is the second-largest metro network across the country after the Delhi Rail Corporation

● The L&T group established it

● There is a separate women’s couch available in this metro

● It has it’s a network across 48 stations throughout the city

7. Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation

● This is popularly known as the Namma metro in the language of Kannada

● This is the fourth largest metro network across the country

● It consists of 40 stations

● It is the first metro across the country which operates the underground metro line as well throughout Southern India

8. Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation

● There is currently one line of this rail operating, and the other is under construction

● This metro was designed to reduce the heavy traffic throughout the city

● It is a rapid transit type of network

● This project is a massive success as it carries over thousands of passengers daily

9. Kochi Metro Rail Corporation

● This is the first metro in the country which connects the rail, metro and water facilities.

● This metro railway network is designed focusing on the culture of Kerala

● The workers of this metro corporation consist of members of the transgender community as well

● This was the fastest metro to complete its construction within four years.

● The Kochi Metro is aiming towards developing driverless trains in the future

10. Chennai Metro Rail Corporation

● This is the third-largest metro rail through the country

● It has 32 stations through the city

● This project this a joint venture between the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India

● It carries about 120,000 passengers daily

The construction of the metro is aiming to reduce traffic congestion throughout the country. It is the most efficient mode of public transport emitting the least amount of population. It is a safer option to choose from as for women, there are also separate couches available and the most cost-effective method.

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